Consumer Gene tests and analyses

Based on the latest scientific knowledge, the Negen gene analysis covers an exceptionally broad range of genetic variants for different genes that affect the risk of disease. Our easy-to-understand report that combines lifestyle data to genetic data makes our test unique tool for health choice decision making.

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Many Biobanks already has genotyped data or collected DNA, but the data's or DNA's full potential may not have been yet utilized. Cooperation between Negen and Biobanks enable the return of genetic health data for the sample donor in a cost-effective way.

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Negen gene tests

Negen 360 is our most comprehensive analysis package. It contains all our gene test packages along with a test panel of rare hereditary diseases.

In the Negen - Diabetes analysis, we examine the impact that your genome and lifestyles have on your risk of diabetes. The test includes an analysis of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as well as the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes (predisposition to overweight, lipids and blood pressure).

In the Negen - Heart analysis, we examine the impact that your genome and lifestyles have on your risk of coronary heart disease. The test also includes an analysis of major risk factors: predisposition to overweight or obesity, lipids and blood pressure.

The earlier genetic disease risks are identified, the more effectively they can be prevented.

Negen gene analyses are conducted using a saliva sample. You can order a home sampling kit and fill out the health questionnaire on any computer or smartphone, without needing to visit a physician.

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