Together, genes and lifestyle factors form a personal risk for contracting multifactorial diseases, which include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Analysing your personal genetic risk allows you to prevent the onset of these diseases as effectively as possible.

"Knowing my genetically increased risk for Coronary Heart Disease motivated me to lower my blood pressure by losing my weight 11 pounds and reducing the usage of salt.

Now my total risk is below the average in my age group”.

45 Year old male


Genomic testing provides the earliest indication of elevated disease risk

Early identification of disease risk enables effective prevention, which translates to more years of healthy living for the individual and significantly reduced healthcare costs.

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Negen partners with National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) on study

THL and Negen to clarify usefulness of genetic risk assessment in personal health decisions

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Genetic risk assessment delivers measurable value to consumers

Are currently available genomic testing services reliable? And can they deliver real value? Here we attempt to answer both questions comprehensively.

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