Negen opens a free COVID-19 pharmacogenomics panel

Negen opens a new pharmacogenomics panel. Panel focuses on pharmacogenomic effects of the medicines suggested for severe COVID-19 infection treatment. This panel is available free of charge for everyone having existing genome data from other sources, for example 23andMe and other ancestry services.

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Negen to feature in HIMSS Europe 2019

This year, HIMSS Europe, the premier event in digital health, will be held in Finland (11.-13.6). Messukeskus Helsinki expects thousands of participants from around the world representing ministries, hospitals, and health technology companies.


Negen genomic analyses now available via Terveystalo

Finland’s largest health service provider Terveystalo maintains its role as pioneer by being the first to include Negen’s genomic tests in its offering.

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Genomic testing provides the earliest indication of elevated disease risk

Early identification of disease risk enables effective prevention, which translates to more years of healthy living for the individual and significantly reduced healthcare costs.

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Negen partners with National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) on study

THL and Negen to clarify usefulness of genetic risk assessment in personal health decisions

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Genetic risk assessment delivers measurable value to consumers

Are currently available genomic testing services reliable? And can they deliver real value? Here we attempt to answer both questions comprehensively.

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Negen partners with BC Platforms for early risk assessment of common diseases

Negen is excited to announce a cooperation agreement with BC Platforms, a leading provider of genomic data management and analytics. Negen’s advanced Genetic Risk Scoring tools will be integrated with BC Platforms’ state-of-the-art genomic data management platform, leading to advances in data processing and interpretation. Working together, these two leading genomics data companies will provide a premium, integrated solution to healthcare providers and customers around the world.

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