Negen MyData -genome analysis

Have you performed a genetic test that examines genealogy or analyzes well-being and traits?

Did you know that you can also use existing genetic information to perform a Negen genome analysis?

Negen’s genomic analyses utilize genotyping chip technology, which is also used by several other consumer services as a way to produce genomic information. This allows data to be reused cost-effectively.

We produce an easy-to-understand report on your health traits from your existing genetic data. Negen’s analysis also combines information from your genetics with information about your lifestyle to get the most comprehensive assessment possible. The analysis is based on the most comprehensive Negen 360 analysis. You can read about the content of the Negen 360 analysis here: Negen 360

Read more about Negen 360 reports

How do I get a Negen MyData report?

  1. Download your raw genomic data file from service provider you have sent your sample to, and make sure the genomic data file is compressed (.zip or .gz -file extension)
  2. Order genetic analysis by choosing the genomic data source from the form in this page and proceed to checkout
  3. Fill the health questionnaire, when logged in to service (User account)
  4. We will analyze the data and construct your personal report and save it to your user account
  5. When report is ready, you will receive a notification via email

The delivery time for the report is usually 2-4 weeks.


  • Services based on genomic data are personal
  • By uploading your data to the service, you assure that the data is produced from your personal sample and you have the right to use the genomic data
  • To read your report, you will need a personal user account for -service and accessible email address
  • The chances of a successful analysis is improved, if your original data was produced during or after 2018

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23andMe genomitiedostosta on yleensä saatavissa seuraavat raportit

  • Sepelvaltimotauti PRS
  • Familiaalinen hyperkolesterolemia (3/6 varianttia)
  • Tyypin 2 diabetes PRS
  • Kolesterolitaipumus PRS
  • Verenpainetaipumus PRS
  • Ylipainotaipumus PRS
  • Laskimotukostaipumus (FV Leiden, FII protrombiini)
  • Farmakogeneettiset testit (statiini, klopidogreeli)