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Negen COVID-19 PGx panel analyzes readily available genome data related to those medicines currently suggested for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection treatment and having established pharmacogenomic effects.

This panel is available for everyone having existing genome data from other sources, for example 23andMe and other ancestry services. Using the service is free of charge. Medicines investigated for SARS-CoV-2 virus include chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir/ritonavir combination and anakinra. All of these drugs are still in experimental use in the treatment of COVID-19 disease.

We analyze as many gene variants as possible possible from your genome file, within the coverage of the data, and add an easy to understand result report to your personal user account.

We remind that medical decisions in COVID-19 should always be taken by a physician specialized in COVID-19 treatment. Do not alter Your current medication or start new medical treatments without a proper medical consultation.

Currently preventive medicines or medical treatment options are not available for COVID-19. The best way to stay safe is with proper hand hygiene and social distancing.

Negen aims to update the COVID-19 pharmacogenomics panel when new medical information becomes available.

First reports are available to our customers from 14th April 2020 onwards.

Read more about tested medicines

Negen COVID19 PGx panel tests 14 variants that are reported to affect efficacy, concentrations and side effects of the suggested medicines.

Not all 14 gene variants can be found in the genomic data of every genomic data producer, which will lead to inadequate report.
Efficacy and side effects of drugs may also be affected by other factors not considered in this test.

Negen is not accountable for data accuracy when data is produced by an external party.

How to get my Negen MyData -report?

  1. Download your raw genomic data file from service provider you have sent your sample to, and make sure the genomic data file is compressed (.zip or .gz -file extension)
  2. Order genetic analysis by choosing the genomic data source from the form in this page and proceed to checkout
  3. We will analyze the data and construct Your personal report and save it to Your user account
  4. When report is ready, You will receive a notification via email


  • Services based on genomic data are personal
  • By uploading Your data to the service, You assure that the data is produced from Your personal sample and You have the right to use the genomic data
  • To read Your report, You will need a personal user account for -service and accessible email address
  • The chances of a successful analysis is improved, if your original data was produced during or after 2018

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