Negen as a Partner for Biobanks

Increasing the amount of Genetic Data

Samples and data collected in Biobanks enables medical research and product development. Many Biobanks are already in posession of sizable genetic data sets. From both a scientific and commercial viewpoint, further accumulation of this data is desirable.

According to a recent survey, over 80% of Danish people would be willing to donate their DNA, should the receive health information in return*. Many other countries in Europe have indicated similar interest.

* Mandag Morgen and TrygFonden & The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

From sample collection to Data utilization

Donors rarely, if ever, receive any genetic information, even when their samples have been genotyped.

Cooperation between Negen and Biobanks enable the return of genetic health data in a cost-effective way, for the donor's benefit. The provision of health-related genetic information to donors in the biobanking industry concretely benefits both the donors and the biobanks.

Negen's services for Biobanks

Negen's high scientific quality, tailored to the Caucasian genetic heritage, delivers the benefits of genetic health information to the general public – in an understandable, safe and a cost-effective way.

By returning genetic health data to donors, we not only reach the existing benefactors, but also increase the interest of potential new donors.

We tailor our services per Biobank, from the planning of sample collection campaigns, to returning genetic health data from samples already genotyped.

Examples of reported risks for preventive health care

Coronary heart disease

Type 2 diabetes

Factor V Leiden

Kimmo Aro
I'm happy to tell you more about our opportunities to ease the sample collection of biobanks.

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