Negen online service terms of agreement and use is an online service maintained by Negen Oy, where products and services are sold to private persons (hereinafter "Consumers").


Negen Oy reserves the right to change these terms of agreement unilaterally without prior notice. The terms of agreement as they are at the time an order is placed shall apply. The currently valid terms of agreement specified on the Negen website shall apply to new orders. Exceptions to this include legislative amendments, which enter into effect immediately as they are or otherwise during a specified period.

Valid Finnish and EU legislation on business-to-consumer trade and distance selling shall apply to the business-to-consumer relationship. These terms of agreement shall not be valid to the extent that they infringe upon the consumer's rights as specified in the Consumer Protection Act.

The consumer shall be responsible for exercising great caution and consideration when using Negen Oy services.


Placing an order requires the creation of a customer profile. When placing an order for the first time, the consumer shall:

a) register as a consumer on the customer register, by providing their name and other required information.

b) give their consent to Negen Oy to register their personal data in the Negen customer register.

c) give their consent to save health information obtained in a health survey in the consumer's health profile.

The Negen Oy customer register and customer profile are heavily protected and confidential. No information shall be forwarded. The consumer is always entitled to request deletion of their personal data from the customer profile and/or customer register.

Negen Oy is obligated to retain information in the customer register and customer profile for no less than three months from the date an order is placed. Negen Oy reserves the right to delete information saved in the customer profile after six months.


Products are ordered online at A binding contract of sale shall enter into effect when Negen Oy has sent an order confirmation by email. All orders shall be confirmed by email, which specifies the order price and products ordered. When placing an order, the customer must provide an email address in order to receive an order confirmation.

After the consumer places an order, Negen Oy is no longer entitled to change the terms of agreement where the order in question is concerned.

Once the consumer has received the sampling kit, the consumer is obligated to follow the sampling instructions provided and send the sample return package within one (1) month for analysis.


The estimated time of delivery after placing an order is approximately one week.


The products and their postage shall be paid in connection with the order either by online bank or with a debit or credit card.

The payment service provider Checkout Finland Oy (Varastokatu 3 A, 33100 Tampere, Business ID 2196606-6) works in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Checkout Finland Oy purchases the payment and invoices it for the merchant. For the user, the service works in the same way as a conventional online payment.


The consumer reserves the right to return unused products within fourteen (14) days of receiving the product(s), not including the date of receipt. The product being returned and sampling kit must be in the same condition as it was upon receipt. The purchase price shall be returned to the customer within fourteen (14) days of Negen Oy receiving the returned product.

A product shall be deemed used if the customer has opened the sampling kit. In such cases, the product is no longer eligible for return.

The customer shall send a return notification by email to in order to receive additional instructions.


Despite proper, careful packaging, products shipped by post may still be damaged. If a shipment is damaged en route and the ordered product is also damaged, the consumer must submit a damage report at a post office immediately. Then, the consumer must contact Negen Oy customer service at to make arrangements for the shipment of a new product.


The consumer is responsible for ensuring that the return package is properly sealed and the cap on the sampling tube is tightly closed. Negen Oy shall not be held liable for any damages caused by consumer misuse.


If the product sent to the consumer has been damaged or there is another defect, the consumer shall immediately report this to Negen Oy at


Even though the health analyses offered by Negen Oy are extremely reliable, there is always a risk of error in all laboratory tests. Negen Oy is not responsible for the accuracy of the test results.

Negen Oy is not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused to the consumer by use of the analysis or its interpretation. Negen Oy is not responsible for any medical diagnoses or procedures performed based on the analysis. It is recommended that all treatment procedures are performed in co-operation with the customer's own physician.

Negen Oy recommends that the consumer carefully review the materials related to the health analysis on its website. The consumer should consider possible reactions to the analysis results before ordering an analysis.


Negen Oy is not responsible for any problems or delays in delivery caused by circumstances beyond its control, such as acts of war, natural disasters, bans on exports or imports, government decree, general traffic disruptions or other event that essentially hinders or prevents the company from operating normally.


Finnish law shall be applied in any disputes arising from this distance selling agreement.

Consumer Advisory Services and the Consumer Disputes Board provide assistance in the resolution of disputes free of charge. Negen Oy is therefore not required to compensate the consumer for any legal representation costs.


Negen Oy's customer information is confidential. Information concerning the consumer's health status is treated as sensitive information. Negen Oy is obligated to refrain from forwarding customer information to any other party without the express consent of the customer.


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